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A few days ago we took the boat out and Rachel had fun sitting at the wheel and trying to imitate Dad. She likes the boat because of the noise and likes watching the water go by. We have a nice canvas bimini top, so she stays out of the sun. The weather has been really nice this spring.

Not sure if her Mother love hats more than she does, but she doesn't mind them at all. Here she sports a white hat that has vents on it to make her cool on a warm day.

“Next they'll be putting me on skis!”

At Adriana's baby shower, our friends the Carlisle's got Rachel a wet suit. Here she is at almost seven months and it just about fits.

We went to this years Miami Boat Show and took Rachel for the first time. She was overwhelmed with all the people, but she seemed to enjoy it.

Which way to the water?





Wow, and we're in a boat! It was fun walking through some of the big yachts. Rachel was good as we took our time through some of them and traded off carrying her.

Hey, I'm in every picture. That's because Adri always has the camera going. This picture was taken on Miami South Beach at around 11 PM. It's a time exposure and that's the moon in the background. We were there to see if we could hear the space shuttle arriving back to the Cape.

We leave you with this picture taken in the boat around sunset, knowing there will be more great pictures and guests right here at Rachels Place.

Come back for more soon!

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